European ISC Members


The Covid-19 pandemic puts human well-being around the globe to an unprecedented test. The nature of the crisis greatly increased the demand for scientific expertise and the brokering role of science organisations, such as academies, in assisting policy-making to address the resulting challenges. What are the implications of this development for the role of science in addressing other societal and environmental challenges at a global level? Has it affected the standing of science in society? Are there lessons to be learnt in relation to academies’ science for policy advisory work? These were some of the questions addressed at the Annual Meeting 2021

Serving as input to consider these and other questions, two national initiatives and two global projects with ISC involvement were presented:

  • Finland, Anna Mauranen: „Bending, but not breaking: from the coronavirus pandemic to strengthening Finland’s crisis resilience“ (PDF)
  • United Kingdom (British Academy), Dominic Abrams: „Shaping the Covid decade“ (PDF)
  • ISC, Inès Hassan: „Covid-19 global outcomes scenarios” (PDF)
  • ISC, Heide Hackmann: „The new normal for science: Towards a new ISC strand for work“ (PDF)